Polygonatum biflorum

  • Family:Convallariaceae
  • Genus:Polygonatum
  • Origin:Eastern North America
  • Zone:z4
  • Light Level:Part sun to shade
  • Size:75-105 cm (2.5-3.5') / 120 cm (4')
  • Pot Size:1 gal
  • Description:Solomon's Seal. Should be called Cast Iron Plant. Provides architectural grace under adverse conditions where few other plant will grow. Long, arching, graceful unbranched stems from tubular roots. Beneath the alternate leaves hang pairs of small white flowers, followed by blue berries. Every garden should have a spot for this. If the leaf stalk breaks away from the rhizome, it leaves a distinctive scar said to resemble the official seal of King Solomon. Indians and colonists used the starchy rhizomes as food.